Unable to remove custome field - bad server response


We have installed TreoPim on our server. For testing I created a few custom fields in the entity manager. Now when I try to remove a field which I don’t need anymore, I get an error message “bad server response”. Do you have a solution how to handle this?

Hi Stadi,
What version do you use? In the version 3.20.1 this problem is fixed.

I’m using version 3.19.13. Is there actually also an issue with the update process?

When I try to do the updates there is nothing shown in the progress log… It doesn’t seems to work at all. I tried to do the update on your demoshop and there it worked just fine. Could there be an issue with our installation?

Is it possible to the update directly in the directory?

Hi Stadi,
Try to update the system from Console, if it doesn’t help - reinstall the system. We tested this issue and it works correct.