Unable to add fields through Entity Manager


Whatever field I add (wether it is to a new entity or existing one) it does not show up when I’m adding something new.

For example, I add “Adress” field to Channel, but it doesnt show up as a field when editing.

I also tried to create a new entity called “Suppliers” and wanted to add address, URL and some other fields but they never showed up. All i saw was “name”, but nothing else.

I tried clearing backend cache, my own cache, and rebuild.

Any idea what I should do?

Edit: See video with example -> https://youtu.be/RD8p7QsY2Fo

PS: I couldn’t make this work in the demo either. Am I missing something here?


Hi zimpstar,
You must also output this filed in Layout Manager (go to Administration » Layout Manager - needed entry - Detail)