TreoPIM Installation Video


Hello TreoPIM,
i am so newbie in Linux Server Development, i want to improve the product life cycle management in my company, but i cant install TreoPIM in Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9 server. Can you help me with video guide step by step.
our company will appreciate you so much.


Helllo doughstone,
We extended our installation guide with more information. Please visit this website:
If you’ll still have any questions, please contact our support team and we’ll install the system for you.


thanks ill try it first


i had tried this 3 times, but it failed all. Can you give me the installation video, or give me the step by step installation guide? please help us. we will appreciate your work.


Hi doughstone,
We do not have the installation video, and unfortunately we cannot help you in the Community forum. But we can install the system for you for extra charge, because we’ll need to spend our time for it. Please contact our support team to get more information.


i had just solve my problem

here is the solution = How to Install TreoPim in Ubuntu 16.04 (Video)