No left menu on fresh install

I’ve installed TreoPIM, went through mysql configuration, admin account setup, logged in and there is no menu on the left - the area is just blank (see screenshot).

What went wrong?

php7.3, apache

Hi Kingu,
It can be caused by the wrong installation. Please try to delete and install the module PIM again.

I’m encountering the identical issue and unable to delete the module. No modules are listed as installed on fresh installation. Loading the PIM module appears to be in progress but never completes. This leaves the site in an unusable state as unable to cancel/delete the update.

I’ve tried a fresh re-install and encountered the identical issue. Running a Ubuntu instance in AWS:

Canonical, Ubuntu, 16.04 LTS, amd64 xenial image built on 2019-02-12

Did you follow the instructions in the Github Readme to install Treocore first and then install the PIM-Module?
This didn’t work for me as well - the module installed without (visible) errors, the page reloaded and afterwards nothing showed up in the left menu.
The only solution was to install the PIM directly via
composer create-project treo/treopim my-treopim-project

I have the same issue. I installed treo with the official Installation guide but it is not possible to install the PIM Module. Everytime you try it the system is stuck in the Module Installation Process. I think i tried to install it 10 times exactly step by step with the Installation guide from the readme but it doesnt work. When you ask the support the only answer is that you did something wrong with the Installation but they can only say it if you sign a support Contract. I would say nothing if the Installation guide would be detailed enoug but to call this an installation guide is almost a cheek. With the Akeneo Installationguide i installed Akeneo at the first time…

It is frustrating as I want to run a proof of concept trial before committing to an annual support contract. I’ve tried 4 fresh installs and each has failed. Product looks good and should cover my company’s requirements but impossible for me to move forward given difficulties installing the product.

Anyone from TreoLabs able to comment and advise?

Your installation is correct.
Just you need to install the modules that you need.
Administration > Modules
Then Reload the page.

Hi, we know that we have to install the PIM Module. If you try it the System says that the Module is installed and stays in the update process. The question ist what went wrong?

Personally, I have not had any problem.
I’m using ubuntu server 18.04.2 installed on Raspberry Pi 3.

Hope this video helps you

I did everything excatly like in this Video and his Installation Guide minimum 10 times but the error is still the same.

The only things i am not shure are the Cronjob, i don´t know if my crontab is right.

anybody could post the Crontab entry?

The second thing is this line from the Installation Guide:

chmod 775 application/Espo/Modules client/modules;

Because in my Installation "application/Espo/Modules doesn´t exist

Such errors occur because of the wrong installation, e.g. problems with accesses to the project files, wrong setup of crons. You can also view logs of errors, they can be found in the folder /data/logs of the project.

As i said, i followed the Installation Manual exactly step by step. If there are false rights then it is false in the Installation guide, i can only set it up like it is described there.

As other users didn’t have such problems, they followed the Installation Manual correctly. We tested the system installation, and everything is right. You can contact our support team and we will install the system for you:

Maybe i have the false manual, please post a link to the manual that the other users could install the system correctly