Manufacturers and Vendors (linked to brands)?


Hi all,

We are new to TreoPIM.

We currently have a large (over 1.2 millions products, in-house LAMP-based MDM solution, but it’s under-developed and creaking, so we are looking for something like TreoPIM to replace it.

We are trying to replicate the data structure of our existing platform, but aren’t quite sure the best way to bring vendors and manufacturers into TreoPIM.

So, for instance, our existing system has the concept of Manufacturers. They can be linked to multiple Brands, have contacts (at least over a dozen), locations (at least over a dozen), standards (ISO for instance), their own logo and their own analysis groups.

Then we have Vendors. They are linked to multiple Product Categories and multiple Brands. Vendors, similar to Manufacturers, also have their own contacts (dozens), locations (dozens), standards, logo and their own analysis groups.

From our early interaction and experimenting with TreoPIM, we currently see two options for implementing these concepts into TreoPIM.

  1. Create a Vendor and Manufacturer as new Account record Types.
  2. Create Vendor and Manufacturer as two new types of entities.

Please can someone advise which is best? Or are their other options for this?

Thank you.


Hello hgl-it,
The both possibilities are right, there are no correct solution for this.