Installation without LDAP extension?


when installing Treocore via Composer, it says:

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1

  • treolabs/treocore 3.23.9 requires zendframework/zend-ldap 2.7.1 -> satisfiable by zendframework/zend-ldap[2.7.1].
  • zendframework/zend-ldap 2.7.1 requires ext-ldap * -> the requested PHP extension ldap is missing from your system.

I got the reply from our hoster, that they cannot provide the LDAP extension.

Because I couldn’t find any information about this extension in the installation reqirements and in the community forum:
Is it possible to install TreoPIM without this extension?

Is it possible to get a full list of the detailed requirements?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, @Thorau. Unfortunately, TreoPIM cannot be installed without this module. Below you can find a list of required extensions:
ext-pdo_mysql, ext-openssl, ext-json, ext-zip, ext-gd, ext-mbstring, ext-xml, ext-curl, ext-exif, composer/semver, doctrine/dbal, slim/slim, mtdowling/cron-expression, zendframework/zend-validator, zendframework/zend-mail, zendframework/zend-ldap, zendframework/zend-servicemanager, monolog/monolog, yzalis/identicon, zordius/lightncandy, tecnickcom/tcpdf, php-mime-mail-parser/php-mime-mail-parser, zbateson/mail-mime-parser, phpoffice/phpexcel, phpoffice/phpspreadsheet, symfony/event-dispatcher, symfony/workflow.

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